Built-in Wardrobes

We build customised wardrobes to fit any room

A good wardrobe takes into account overall space planning and aesthetics of the bedroom. Ergonomics is also an important factor – decisions regarding placement of mirrors, handles and lighting can have an effect on the functionality. The cabinetry can come in natural or synthetic materials such as laminate depending on your budget and overall look.

miminalist handleless wardrobe
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Customised to Fit

Wardrobes can also serve to partiton and subdivide spaces to modify the character of the bedroom. We ensure the final build fits every nook and cranny to perfection.

Efficient Storage

We install drawers and shelvings into the overall wardobe design to provide a variety of storage options. All of this will be designed to provide good ergonomics and functinality.

Durable Make

We provide quality woodwork and installation for easy maintenance and to ensure your wardrobe lasts for a long time.

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Wardrobe Lighting

Proper lighting can have a big impact in how your wardrobe looks. As closets are usually placed opposite the windows, strong lighting on the ceiling or walls from LEDs are required. Good lighting also helps you find your clothes easily.

Walk-in Wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe can be a spacious solution for storage and organizing by taking on a room-like quality. Walk-in wardrobes can either be hidden corners or open, depending on the shape on your room.

A popular solution is to combine an adjacent extra room by hacking the walls to convert into a closet room. A walkway can also be demarcated when you combine rooms if you choose not to remove the walls.


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