Platform Beds

Customised Raised Platform Beds For Storage

Placing your mattress on a raised platform gives you ample storage space for your bed footprint. Platform beds have the advantage of providing additional storage while dividing space effectively, which is a smart way to address the problem of space constraints.

platform bed details
platform bed minimalist
wooden platform bed

Customisation Options

Customise the space below the platform bed to allow for other possibilities – from a hidden emerging work desk to a cosy breakfast nook – and pack them all beneath when not required.

Extra Storage

Create additional storage over then same bed footprint by having drawers over the bed platform. Bulky items such as luggages may also go under.

Sturdy Frame

The raised platform allows for flexible space options without compromising structural integrity. Our woodwork construction ensures the user feel its rigidity and sturdiness.

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Raised Platforms

The raised platform can be used to create distinct elevations in the house. They are therefore perfectly suited to adapt to a number of popular uses.

In the living room, a raised platform can set the stage for social space which draws friends and family in.In a similar vein, it can also be used to create a cosy elevated reading corner, or platform sofas which conceal storage below.

Incorporating a raised platform with furniture by using a larger platform than needed creates the illusion of levels and elevated surfaces that adds fun and interest to the spaces it creates.

home office platform
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