TV Consoles

Built-in console and feature wall

Create the centerpiece of your living room with a striking feature wall and TV console that stores your television and its appliances elegantly. Open mounted shelves and textured surfaces frame the space perfectly to become the focal point to display accessories.

tv console drawer compartments
open feature shelves
simple wall console

Customised to Fit

We provide custom television consoles designed to fit to the size of your TV unit that fits with your living room space dimensions.

Efficient Storage

Casement doors and pull-out drawers allow for easy access and provide a variety of storage options below your television set.

Feature Wall

Create open shelves or closed cabinets that create storage and double up as an eye-catching feature wall at the same time.

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TV console and storage

The feature wall and console will usually provide types of storage in order to maximise the space along the wall. Examples include open shelves and niches for display and cabinets to conceal the clutter and wiring that comes with the television and other entertainment appliances and wiring.

Colour and texture

A feature wall, also known as an accent wall, may highlight the room by using strong colours to attract attention to it.

The feature wall may also be treated with materials that provide texture to it. For example, craft brick wall treatment is commonly used to contrast against the other smooth walls.

contemporary mounted console
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